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Bruins Parade 2011

bruins stanley cup parade

we had the.best.time in boston yesterday! …took the whole gang into the city for the boston bruins stanley cup parade!

bruins stanley cup

those who know us, know that 4/5 of us play hockey, and that even the baby skates. our little guy plays 4 to 5 days a week during the peak season… and my husband is likely the most intense bruin fan you will ever meet. that said, this win was something of a dream come true…

bruins stanley cup

we were part of {boston} history yesterday and we’re still in awe, reliving it through these photos.

bruins stanley cup parade


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{yay bruins!}

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{sweet} engagement session * narragansett wedding photographer

meeting j & m for their engagement portraits was a photographers dream!

the warm and sweet nature of these two is calming, loyal and sincere. being comfortable together, and before the lens is so critical when shooting portraiture.

i believe their genuine happiness just shines throughout the series.

it was so amazing to photograph them, together {in love!}

my. job. rocks!

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k.connerton *connerton photography 2011


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North Kingstown Tennis Program with Mike Michaud

We Rhode Islanders have the benefit of inheriting the talent of tennis pro Mike Michaud this summer. I’m willing to bet that North Kingstown rec participants will soon be raving over the amazing tennis that is about to hit the community. Mike Michaud’s 20 years of competitive tennis background makes him a standout on the court as an exceptional instructor.

The children lucky enough to have been enrolled in Mike’s Spring Tennis Clinic’s in Narragansett last May/June really enjoyed Mike’s instruction, activities and exercises in the hour long tennis lessons.

These children were thoroughly engaged in these lessons, with Mike and with one another in the game of tennis.

The betterment of their fundamental tennis knowledge and skill as well as an appreciation for the game was impressive!

Best of all, they had a great time!

For details in the North Kingstown Tennis Program Mike is running/instructing this summer, please see the NK Tennis Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_172089262849781&ref=ts

Sign up information here: http://www.egovlink.com/northkingstown/classes/class_list.asp?categoryid=223

Or, to Contact Mike directly, regarding this program, or other private tennis instruction or clinics in the RI area, please email directly: mike@mmtennis.us

See you on the courts!

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Lifestyle Documentary Photography: Magical New York Weekend 2011 (Day 3)

Post 3 of 3

Day 3 NYC: Eloise at the Plaza!

Lifestyle Documentary Photos and Blog by iphone, point and shoot and pro gear.

All for fun… Just me and My C. Such a magical weekend this was!!

Pier 72 NYC

Couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful April Sunday in NYC.

another point and shoot photo

We headed over to Pier 72 for a bite to eat… (a great spot) and spent most of it taking in the craziness of the employee trying to steal pancakes off C’s plate. Strange… funny… a bit much, but otherwise, a wonderful Sunday brunch.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Next, we were off to lunch with one of my  2010 Brides, D, who has since become a friend. (Thanks for lunch D!) @ super yummy  Nizza.

I am still so honored when a business relationship blossoms into a friendship. And D rocks. See her Wedding @ Tyrone Farm (here.)

C took this Shot of D and I

D put us in a cab and sent us off to Dylan’s Candy Bar.


Hoooooly SUGAR High!

She loved it.

We bought way too much (I will NOT disclose)

But, this weekend was an EXPERIENCE.

Dylan's Candy Bar NYC

Although we broke ALL of the big {expensive} lollipops before anyone could enjoy them (don’t even get me started on the disappointment that I didn’t get in my photo shoot with the super-lolly’s) -We did get this $12  “Birthday Girl” souvenir… something to remember the trip by. {Now I am collecting souvenirs.}  haha.

Dylan's Candy Bar NYC

Betsy Johnson.

Betsy Johnson Store

Truthfully, it was a navigational error that brought us to the Betsy Johnson Shop.

For ONCE, I am SO GLAD I made a wrong turn!

I have always found these dresses completely amazing.


C was immediately drawn to (what other than) the shoes.

“These are the best… no these. I love this one! And this!”

And, Actually, it was designer Betsy Johnson who decorated the Eloise Suite at the Plaza Hotel! This made it a great stop as part of our Eloise in NYC weekend, and when we asked (the awesome employee @ the shop) about it, she gave C the framed photo of Betsy in the Suite to see, hold and inquire about. So cool!

(Ok, LOVE the moment, but totally annoyed by the crazy pink color casts! It was a very pink weekend… again, shot prime, 50 1.4 no flash with no time to take a second shot. 5 year olds a notorious one shot deal kind of subject. I did my best… with my one shot gig! OK. It’s off my chest. Documentary. Lifestyle. Not posed portraiture! haha.)

Hailed yet another taxi (she misses the taxi’s and continues to talk about them!)

“Plaza Hotel Please!”

Yes. We know. We are SOOOOOOOOO Fancy.

This was AMAZING. She just LOVED the Plaza Hotel Experience (did I mention we are BIG into Eloise over here!?) Being our second trip, and having that NYC style, she breezed right past the bellmen (after greeting them like old friends, of course,) and walked right into the Palm Court… as if she has been here before. (VERY Strange, actually!) I was nearly chasing her through that lobby.

As she stood at the entrence to the Palm Court, she looked up at the hostess.

“Hello! May I help you?”

“We are having tea in the Palm Court… with Eloise.” She said frankly.

Little C was looking (for Eloise.) Really. As if Eloise was going to come skipping down the hall.

The Palm Court Plaza Hotel NYC

“Well, right this way Miss!” Replied the hostess… The staff at the Plaza is exceptionally customer oriented. Such a treat to be there!

Palm Court Eloise Tea


Oh, Nana, You would love this!!

I insist on bringing you in May!

Clearly, there is a large Eloise following that dines at The Palm Court.

There were so many little ones there!

Little ones with Mama’s. With Grammy’s. With friends…  And then there were groups of women…what appeared to be book clubs, gatherings of old friends, generations of women having tea together. Oddly (?) there was also a bachelorette party, and a larger group of tourists!

It was excellent people watching!

The tea came first.

She loved it!

Butterfly Tea.

I was impressed.

But she didn’t touch a cookie. I believe she was too busy looking for Eloise.

She spent a lot of time learning to tie. No joke. Although, it only seems appropriate that this one makes a milestone while visiting The Plaza Hotel. C learned to “tie” in the Palm Court while having tea… by tying her American Girl Doll’s Special Occasion dress!

Finally, she stops fussing with Molly (her doll) and becomes more intent on finding Eloise… or at least catching a glimpse. No, that wouldn’t be enough. C is determined that if she does see Eloise, she will have to go off with her on some adventure in the hotel.

“Mama… if we see Eloise, AND she wants me to come on her morning rounds… you HAVE to let me.”

I laughed. Out Loud. The kind of laugh where you do actually stop yourself before hacing tea come out your nose.

OMG, it dawns on me that she really thinks (this Character) Eloise is here.

Still laughing to myself I assure her that I will allow it.

“But only IF we see her, C. She might be out.”

She continued to search for Eloise the entire time we sat for tea.

(I really think they need to have an  actress play the part!! It would be the icing on the cake for all the little girls in attendance for Eloise Tea!)

But she did love the Butterfly tea… despite a complete disinterest in the sweets.

It was all quite perfect, having tea.

And on our way out, it is only natural that C would stop to listen to the pianist.

“I love your music” she said.

“Thank you! And, I love your dress!”

“Thanks! …I’m going shopping now. With Eloise! At the Eloise Store!!”

“Wow!! Enjoy the shops …and please do come back to show me what you got!”

“Ok!” (she later returned to do just that.)

C LOVED the experience of the Eloise store. Again, this child has an appreciation for experience more than I have ever had. Takes it all in. Every. Little. Detail.

And I decide, C was born for New York. She will inevitably be drawn to the cities in her adult life… for the presentation, the fashion, the city lifestyle. Oh, and the shopping, of course!

She is already asking to go back. And, honestly, if I could afford to spoil her like I did, we’d be headed back on the next train out.

It was a RAWTHER {Spectacular} weekend for the both of us!

The Plaza Hotel NYC

I ❤ My Fancy Girl & We ❤ NYC.

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Lifestyle Documentary Photography: Magical New York Weekend 2011 (Day 2)

My Little NYC Tourist

Note: 3 part post. Day 2/3.

I’ve had requests for details.

I’ve provided them ALL!



Day 2

Showers. Coffee. Toast.

We’re off…

Lots of Walking encourages C to become obsessed with the food vendors.

“There are so many Snack Shacks in “THE CITY” Mama!”

It is no longer “Nu-York” now it is “The City.”

She is so chic.

Window Shopper

“Yes, I know!”

“I want something…. Hot Dog. Please!”

First NYC Hot Dog.

In NYC fashion we were on our way without time to spare.

We headed downtown to shop FAO Schwarz.

Of course, she loved it.

(It’s actually a really cool place!)

I sound like a dork, but it’s a great shop! The staff at FAO Schwarz is incredibly friendly, and C loved every minute of it,

Not sure how long we were in there… but long enough for L to give in and make a purchase herself… for her brother, of course.

C shopped and shopped, choosing a gift for both W and A, unprompted.

And, the birthday girl picked out a little something for herself, too.

We are now also collecting Calico Critters… in addition to American Girl dolls, Barbies, All things Fancy Nancy, ZuZu Pets, Pillow Pets and Littlest Pet Shop toys.


(L, I am so sorry for not being strong on ending my collection habits. I do understand that it is a marketing scheme to have me spend money consistently…yes. But I like to?? haha.)

Upon leaving  FAO Schwarz, C recognized the Plaza Hotel (across the street.) -The Eloise Movie must have a long shot? And, although our tea reservations were for Sunday, C realllllllly wanted to see it up close.
So glad we did.

It was  “everything” we imagined and so much more!

The bellman approached her by name.


(He asked me, without her knowing.)

Out of his way to make this even MORE amazing for her!


Better than Disney World!

All the way to lunch (at Patsy’s.)

Our first NY Pizza… delish!

It had been a long couple days… I give the little one a lot of credit… and while  I will spare the details, I will say: When in NYC, dig the taxi’s. Walking is for little locals, not little weekenders.

The long walk to the subway, turned bus stop, and emergency exit off the bus to use the nearest rest room, at which point we were yelled at in a foreign language to purchase a $1.25 water and then continue by piggy back ride back to the Upper West Side (with Shopping Bags) etc. etc. You get my drift. It had been a couple long days for my little one.

Homeward Bound

And it was just hours before the PARTY for J&M.

And this, this was SOME party.

Were we WOW’d when we arrived in SoHo. OK, I was WOW’d… C seemed to expect nothing less.

(Have I mentioned that I think she just might LIVE there someday!?) -Too cool for school, this one.

Ohhh The Party.

Great atmosphere. Amazing People. Even A Blast from the Past. {Katie! Jay! Fred! Harold!} haha.

I love JAF… and MH by default (I know you love to win by default M.)

CANNOT WAIT for 6.11.11!! xo

Really, this party was the reason for our weekend excursion to NYC. (I so wish I had pics… but I didn’t want to offend the hired photog, or the couple, by snapping my own. *Big Props for Self-Control there.* I sooooooooo wanted to capture this experience!)  All Photos Courtesy of my trusty iphone.

The event, in honor of my oldest friend (in time, not in years) and her fiance… was attended by the bridal party (plus some) and given by M -who was an amazing hostess -thank you!  (And thanks also to her sister M for all her hospitality in the child wrangling… and to M.Kelly who sat and designed a tote with fabric markers for  my little flower girl while I enjoyed a cocktail.) GREAT people. . Love it.

By 10:30pm. I had lost track of time. (Good parties do that!) My Little Flower Girl was sooooo sleepy!

I managed to walk her out, around the corner, and onto the main street to hail our taxi. (Did I mention I was in heels… and had acquired yet more boxes from American Girl (thanks Auntie J!) Yes…shopping bags in one hand, half asleep child in the other, 3 inch heels… and about 5 colored totes, 2 notebooks, some SmileBooth! photos. We got into the taxi  just seconds before C passed out (really 60 seconds tops… OUT.LIKE.A.LIGHT.)

We make it to 12th floor.

L is home and we manage to get  C in her new American Girl jammies, into bed, and spend hours chatting like school girls into the morning hours while we revamping a {certain} website.

You Rock L. Always So Much Fun!!

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Lifestyle Documentary Photography: Magical New York Weekend 2011 (DAY 1)

This gallery contains 74 photos.

In advance… this is a three part post. WAYYYYY too MANY details. (S… I know they will lose interest after 38 words… but you know me… Never a short story!) And, I’ve had so MANY requests for details! I have … Continue reading

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Rhode Island Baby Photographer: 9 month {Mini Session} Studio Portrait

Are there even words for this?! Every image we shot last weekend was my favorite!

It was so hard not to post them all over on my facebook page

(…because I love, love, love them!)


But I’m finding that on Facebook, less is more. Or I hope so… because I’m going to try to blog the images and post single images or a 3 image sneak peek.

Fingers crossed I can cut down on my favorite things.

I’m funny like that.

Thanks again to my beautiful sister E and her sweet baby girl I for coming into the studio…

and to Lululily for this ADORABLE monogrammed Onesie!

Personalized Onesie by Lululily! Check them out on Facebook and also in their Etsy store at:


Okay… just one more. I think this one is my favorite!!




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Lifestyle Photography: First Hair Cut! Rhode Island Photographer

Although I do prefer  to keep my personal images separate from my work… I’m posting because I couldn’t NOT share this! How SUPER cute is my baby?! Here goes… FIRST HAIRCUT!

Lifestyle Photography First Hair Cut


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Infant Portraiture * Nursery Design * Infant Interiors * Newport, RI * North Shore, MA* Portrait Photographer

Another beautiful shoot with the incredibly talented Roselle McConnell of  Infant Interiors (8 Freebody Street, Newport!)

Beautiful baby… beautiful nursery… beautiful light!

This session was a photographers dream!

Thank you to the M Family for allowing us into their home to photograph beautiful baby L in his handsome nursery!


Everything was just perfect!

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